Thank you for your concern for us.

We are all fine, and are spending normal life in Niigata.
No one got hurt, no physical damages to our greenhouse, ponds.
All koi – customers’ “Azukari” koi that we are keeping at NND to grow on are safe.
Also all our stock koi are safe.

But we are experiencing temporary shortage of kerosine, gasoline and electricity,
because many power plants and oil refinery plants were hit with the earthquakes – few are destroyed,
many are going under inspections in order to re-start normal operation.
This shortage would go on for a week or two at the most,
because the demands jumped up suddenly, due to the actions people took in fear the fuel supply would stop
– people ran to buy extra for their stock…

But the supply will be back soon, and there’s only so much people would want, and can stock.

The electric company that supplys to our area is planning daily power cut-offs
– they are going to devide us into several areas and do cut-offs once every other day for a few hours at a time.

(In order to avoid sudden black-outs)

So we started to prepare for that – installing uninterruptible power supply units with small air-pumps,
to many of our greenhouse ponds where we are keeping important koi; customers’ koi to grow on in Japan,
our Super-Jumbo Tategoi, parent koi…

We also prepared power generators that we had long before this earthquakes.

So far (as of 17th, March) in our area, planned power cut-offs have all been called off

(canceled) because factories,
shops and people are cooperating saving energy and there’s enough excess of power supply, so no need to do power cut-offs.

Both overseas shipment from Narita & Niigata airport has been carried out normally.
Our shipments overseas are taking place as scheduled.

We are sorry to inform you that All Japan Young Koi Show 2011 in Ojiya has been cancelled.

NPA has taken all things into considerations – traffic disorders,
power supply instabilities, uncertainties in many situations yet…
– and decided to call off (cancel) the Young Koi Show

2011 in Ojiya.

Thank you again for your concern and kind words of e-mails and calls.
The thought that we are in your thoughts and prayers makes us stand strong and go on with the situation we are facing now.

Kindest Regards,